Senior Distinction 2022

By Morgan Jay ’25

Over the past four weeks, some members of the senior class have been working on their Senior Distinction Projects. The Senior Distinction Program, led by Dr. Jordan, allows seniors to spend the sixth marking period of their sixth form year to create a project on a topic that particularly interests them.

I spoke with Charles Innes about his experience. Charles has been working with Sebastian Gibb to construct an outdoor classroom in the woods behind Kenan Hall. For Charles, this project has been a practice in time management and a valuable opportunity to get outside of the classroom. With their project almost finished, Sebastian and Charles will soon have made a lasting impact on Woodberry’s campus and the students who will enjoy classes in their outdoor classroom. When asked if he had any final words, Charles offered a message to any underformers who see themselves doing a project in the future: “Start thinking of your projects now.”

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