Category: Spotlight

Mr. Tyler Campbell

By Dan Chen ’24 Tyler Campbell is the assistant director of communications and marketing at Woodberry, where he works with the admissions and alumni offices to create promotional content. Mr. Campbell also manages Woodberry’s multiple social media accounts, and you can often find him in various locations, during […]

Mr. David Huddle

By Ben Hulsey ’22 Woodberry has been lucky enough to host Mr. David Huddle, an American writer and professor. Mr. Huddle and his wife have been on campus for the past few weeks. He has been present in several English classes, helping students with their writing and particularly […]

Mr. Matthew Keating

By Joseph Stovall ’25 Mr. Keating is the Math Department chair and head of the computer science program here at Woodberry. He has been at Woodberry for twenty-two years, teaching Geometry for the past twenty-one. Mr. Keating also teaches ECLIPSE, java coding, and has taught Pre-Calc in the […]

Mr. Frank Tallman

By Jake Benslimane’22 and Johnny Russell’22  If you were to tell Mr. Tallman when he was in college that one day he’d be a history teacher at Woodberry, he would have called you crazy.  Now in his 17th year as a teacher here at Woodberry, Mr. Tallman has […]