Mr. Tyler Campbell

By Dan Chen ’24

Tyler Campbell is the assistant director of communications and marketing at Woodberry, where he works with the admissions and alumni offices to create promotional content. Mr. Campbell also manages Woodberry’s multiple social media accounts, and you can often find him in various locations, during and after the school day, taking videos of student life at Woodberry. He also assists in the production of WFSPN and The Fir Tree, Woodberry’s yearbook. He enjoys working at Woodberry because of the school’s mission as well as the community’s moral integrity and intellectual thoroughness. 

Mr. Campbell has been dorm head of Taylor Hall for five years. Taylor Hall houses half of the freshman class, and as a dorm parent, Mr. Campbell observed freshmen mature throughout the year, from New Boy Sunday to the end of spring. He enjoys seeing how students slowly find their place in friend groups, learn new etiquette, and become more independent. His least favorite time of day living on Taylor is right after study hall, when freshmen rush around the hallways just before lights out.

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