Super Doppler Visits the Forest

Judson Innes ’18

Thursday night marked the first installment of the Artist Performance Series of the 2017-18 school year, as the band Super Doppler played for students in the Bowman Gray auditorium.

As old boys will remember, the Artist Performance Series featured the Capitol Steps and the No BS! Brass Band in the 2016-17 school year. After two memorable events last year, students had high expectations of what was to come.

IMG_1064 (1)

William Rich ’18 looking mesmerized in the middle of the crowd.

Hailing from Norfolk, Virginia, Super Doppler performed a series of songs from their recent album, released this past June, including ‘We Are Doing Fine’, ‘Here Comes the King’, and ‘There, There’. Super Doppler’s unique lighting was particularly memorable–it would change at different places in the song, specifically when a song slowed down or sped up. The folk-style tunes resonated with students and had everybody out of their seats. The keyboard and percussion were particularly exciting to the students in the front rows.

When asked about the concert, Jack Stone ‘18 remarked, “They electrified the crowd for sure.”

The band exposed some students to a new and unexplored genre. Spencer Doerr ‘20 commented, “I liked the concert a lot. I really enjoyed their type of music–that genre really stuck out to me.”

After an exciting first Performance Series event, students eagerly anticipate those to come. The next installment will feature the percussion band Molodi on December 1st. The performance series is planned by Mr. Coleman, Mr. Cirves, Mr. Marr, and the rest of the Artist Series Committee.


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