Welcome to the Ultimate Sport

By Kodi Udochukwu ’23 Woodberry Forest’s sports have a great longstanding history and tradition. As a result, new sports at Woodberry are a complete rarity. This fall, however, Woodberry broke new ground, as Ultimate Frisbee completed its first-ever season.  “It was really Hugh and Christian that made it […]

The 121st Game

By Robbie Handelsman ’23 With banners now flown across campus, and echoes of “Beat EHS” heard within every building and on every brick pathway, The Game is officially here. The oldest rivalry in the south continues this Saturday in Alexandria, Virginia in the Hummel Bowl following the bonfire […]

The 5th Form Expedition

By Leo Kim ’24 Expedition Week is a great opportunity for students to bond with members of their class, learn different skills, and broaden their views. Unlike the other expeditions, the fifth form was given a choice for what they wanted to do for the expedition. There were […]