The NEW WFSPN Soccer Shows

By Kodi Udochukwu ’23, When one thinks about mainstream American sports, football, basketball, baseball, and even hockey come to mind. Soccer, which is the most popular sport in the global world, does not. It certainly isn’t mainstream at Woodberry Forest School, either. However, when the World Cup 2022 […]

The Second City Visit

By Nate Stein ’24 On Thursday, January 12th, 2023, Woodberry Forest hosted a touring troupe of TheSecond City.The Second City is a Chicago-based comedy cabaret that began in 1959. Apart fromnightly comedy shows, they also collaborate with corporate partners, wellness programs,education programs, TV productions, film productions, and more. […]

Student Summer Fellowships

By Nate Stein ’24 Every year, Woodberry Forest offers multiple fellowship opportunities to its students for them topursue interests in academics, arts, community service, and more. The deadline for these fellowships isfast-approaching: Thursday, January 12th, 2023. If you want to apply for a fellowship, make sure yousubmit your […]