College Counseling Trip to UNC and Duke

By Lewis Rand ’23 This Wednesday ten fifth-form students along with Mr. Bonell took a mini-bus down to Chapel Hill and Durham, North Carolina. The trip was organized by the college counseling office which has organized multiple trips to allow juniors to tour colleges near Woodberry.  The day […]

The NBA is Messed Up

By Daniel Dai ’22 The National Basketball Association (NBA) is messed up. It is becoming a business alliance where ratings and profit are the priorities. It is not a basketball pilgrimage anymore, where fair and fierce competition and good sportsmanship are praised, particularly because of the following reasons: […]

The Peak of Dinner

By Fletcher Gillespie ‘ 23 Picture this: It’s Friday evening. You’ve just gotten out of the shower, gotten dressed in classroom attire, and you’re strolling out of your dorm towards the dining hall with a friend or two. It’s not exactly warm outside, but it isn’t cold either, […]