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From Oracle November 20, 1936   Volume XXXV Number 4,  p.1 It has long been the custom in the traditional football rivalry between Woodberry Forest and Episcopal High School for the home team to build a large bonfire to be lighted by the captain of the winning team after the […]

Senior Activities by the Class of 1973

Written in 1973 Senior Project           In an attempt to surpass the quality of the 1972 Madeira exchange, the graduating class of 1973 organized a 2 1/2 week project period. Despondent with the failure of the exchange committee, the seniors rallied under Mr. McCleary, […]

Editors’ Note: The Advent of Spring (2008)

February 22, 2008 Editors’ Note           As the winter trimester comes to a close, we all look forward to the spring. No more lonely, snowy, depressing Saturday nights. Now it is time for those lonely, sunny Saturdays. Lax season and spring track are on […]

Winter Track (1972)

Written for the Oracle in 1972 The Winter Track team post a 3-1 record for the first half of the season. The team has scored victories in dual meets over Blue Ridge 75-34 and Lane 60-49. The defeat came in a tri-meet with Thomas Jefferson and Washington-Lee, with […]