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Editor’s Note: May 2016

Caleb Rogers ’16 Awhile back at an early spring seated meal, my advisor, Mr. Steve Stancill, asked me “has it set in yet?” He wanted to know if I and the other seniors in our advisory realized what would be happening in a few short weeks and what […]

Woodberry Cup: Year 1 Down

Graham Goldstein ’16 In my opinion the Woodberry Cup’s high points occurred when the students were all able to watch an event they could get into. For example, not everyone could get into watching human chess, or family feud. But, people loved watching our soap box derby or […]

The New Schedule

Mr. Erik Born Next year Woodberry will be introducing a new schedule into daily life. It is meant to change the way students learn. We are looking at education at an entirely new, hands-on and discussion based approach. Below are links to write-ups about the new schedule. New […]

Editor’s Note: April 2016

Caleb Rogers ’16 Siri told me earlier today that the weather might just reach 85 degrees this week. After the prediction of snow just two weeks ago, this is a major improvement. Woodberry also seems to be on the up and up. After yet another dismal winter, we […]