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Woodberry in Oxford

Thomas Bledsoe ’17 This past July, I was fortunate enough to spend three weeks in Oxford, England with eleven of my Woodberry brothers, Mr. Blain, and John C. Williams, a graduate of the class of 2013.  Unlike some of the other summer trips Woodberry offers, we stayed every […]

Woodberry in Spain

Chris Oldham ’17 This past June and July, a group of ten Woodberry Spanish students and two teachers made Spain our home. We stayed in hotels in Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia, and stayed with host families in Sevilla and San Sebastian. The longer of the two homestays was […]

Parker Jacobs’ Editor’s Note

The Oracle at Woodberry Forest interests me because I thought it was dead after my sophomore year. There were no longer printed newspapers being distributed to every dorm and classroom. Fortunately, Caleb Rogers along with faculty member Gregory Guldin heroically staved off the demise of The Oracle before […]

Editor’s Note: May 2016

Caleb Rogers ’16 Awhile back at an early spring seated meal, my advisor, Mr. Steve Stancill, asked me “has it set in yet?” He wanted to know if I and the other seniors in our advisory realized what would be happening in a few short weeks and what […]