Category: Spotlight

Ms. Holly Bracher

Carter Harrell ’22 Ms. Holly Bracher is the newest member of the infirmary staff at Woodberry. She has had a big change of scenery coming from the city skyline of Baltimore, Maryland to the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia. She is an alumni of both Clemson University and John […]

Mr. Jacob Geiger ’05

By Noah Vaughn ’22 Mr. Geiger serves as the communications director as well as teaches journalism here at Woodberry. After graduating from Woodberry as a student in 2005, he returned to the school in 2016 after reporting for the Richmond Times-Dispatch for several years where he focused on […]

Mr. Benton

By Weston Wharton Mr. Benton is in his second year of the Kenan-Lewis Fellowship here at Woodberry. Currently, he is teaching Algebra 2 and FST. He is also the faculty sponsor of the dodgeball club. He was born in Baltimore, MD but grew up in Warrenton, VA. I […]

A Thank You to the Kitchen Staff

By Ben Hulsey ’22 Often, those that we depend on most at Woodberry are those we take for granted. Woodberry boys are so busy with homework, athletics, dorm life, and the rigors of the schedule that many overlook those that we need. This especially applies to our kitchen […]