Category: Humor

Holmes Holds Out on the Baseball Diamond

Gus Dupree ’18 A tense standoff on Woodberry grounds is unfolding as Mr. Holmes has reportedly barricaded himself within the baseball field. Armed with numerous nailed-baseball bats, full catcher gear, and a serrated loop hoe, Mr. Holmes also constructed a massive barb-wire barricade along the diamond, with significant […]

Semi-Formal Fun

 Edward Solms ’18    The post semi-formal buzz is totally gone now and morale is back to a crippling low on campus. So, in order to push us through to Long Winter Weekend, I think it would be beneficial to look back on the highlights of the Weekend: […]

Mr. Reimers’ Birthday!

Spencer Dearborn ’18 Today’s the big day! It’s Mr. John Reimers’ 984362 birthday! To celebrate, he’ll smile for the first time this year, eat a larger bowl of dry oats than usual, and crack open a book of his favorite Shakespearean jokes! The Oracle is celebrating by taking […]

What’s in Santa’s Sack for the Senior Class?

Edward Solms ’18 and Company Saeed Abokor – Official UN recognition of Somaliland   Clayton Astore- A successful youtube channel   Sam Baker- Spanish Tinder Ethan Barbour- The lead role already   Baron Becker- Igloo   Kyle Bilodeau- One more year   Coleman Bishop- Peace and quiet   […]