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Faculty Dog Power Rankings, No. 8: Farm Dog

Full Name: Unknown (Not the one named Trigger)Date of Birth (or Adoption): UnknownBreed: Labrador Retriever?Favorite Chew Toy: UnknownBiggest Fear: Being out in the coldBest Doggo Friend(s): UnknownDog Nemesis: UnknownSpecial Traits: Slept in Thomas Rowland ’19’s room on Griffin last year, getting into dorms, puppy dog eyes.Favorite Human Food: […]

Faculty Dog Power Rankings, No. 9: Chipper

Full Name: Chipper Larry Wayne JonesDate of Birth (or Adoption): 01/14/2017Breed: Black Labrador RetrieverFavorite Toy: Frisbee or BumperBiggest Fear: Someone knocking on the front door Best Doggo Friend(s): Julian, Moose, Stanley, Ocean Park Maine dog friends Dog Nemesis: Cows near the houseSpecial Traits: Has only 3 toes on his right back […]