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Zoom Fail

By Sam Thomas ’21 It was an early morning, 10:00 o’clock. I looked across my Zoom and saw the usual arrangement of collared shirts, t-shirts, and hoodies with no shirts underneath. It was just another day, a normal conversation. People zoned out or pulled up something else on […]

Back on the Grind

by Sam Thomas ’21 School is back. It’s time to put my foot back on the gas pedal and grind out these three weeks. I’m gonna go to class ready to learn. Uggh, I have to get up by 10:00. Maybe I’ll just skip the first one. I […]


By Caden Dauray ’22 I looked around in disbelief, as I saw most of the new boys sprinting back to their dorms. A senior said “dismiss-”, and they ran like they had seen a ghost. I felt someone push past me, and the next thing I knew, a […]