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The Good Part of Quarantine

By Sam Thomas ’21 We had a great first weekend here at Woodberry. It was full of activities like laser tag and smores. Although, I think the seniors had the best activity of all. They got to use their commons room. Unless of course, they weren’t in the […]

To The Class of 2024

By Kodi Udochukwu ’23 You’ve gotten through the first couple of weeks of school. The homework is a lot, isn’t it? I remember being shocked at the amount of work we get at Woodberry. But life is all about adjusting, after all. As a returning student, I have had […]

Woodberry Sees Changes to Athletics

By Johnny Russell ’22 To keep the Woodberry community as safe and healthy as possible during these strange and difficult times, Woodberry has implemented a new athletics plan for the first two weeks of school. Just like at meals or on dorm, Woodberry boys are required to remain […]