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By Caden Dauray ’22 I looked around in disbelief, as I saw most of the new boys sprinting back to their dorms. A senior said “dismiss-”, and they ran like they had seen a ghost. I felt someone push past me, and the next thing I knew, a […]

Bachelor of the Week

by Gia Khanh Do ’21 Ian Trainor, or “Grandpa”, from McLean, VA is our first Bachelor of the Week! Not only does he have a big heart, but he also has Adam Sandler’s mentality and humor. During your stroll around campus, you might see him hanging out at […]

Quarantine Diaries

By Sam Thomas ’21 I was sitting in my bed when I got an email from Mr. Alexander saying, “Got to Quarantine.” I packed my belongings slowly dreading every moment. It was my final day on my hall. How could this happen. I was on the verge of […]