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Welcome to the Ultimate Sport

By Kodi Udochukwu ’23 Woodberry Forest’s sports have a great longstanding history and tradition. As a result, new sports at Woodberry are a complete rarity. This fall, however, Woodberry broke new ground, as Ultimate Frisbee completed its first-ever season.  “It was really Hugh and Christian that made it […]

The NBA is Messed Up

By Daniel Dai ’22 The National Basketball Association (NBA) is messed up. It is becoming a business alliance where ratings and profit are the priorities. It is not a basketball pilgrimage anymore, where fair and fierce competition and good sportsmanship are praised, particularly because of the following reasons: […]

The Peak of Dinner

By Fletcher Gillespie ‘ 23 Picture this: It’s Friday evening. You’ve just gotten out of the shower, gotten dressed in classroom attire, and you’re strolling out of your dorm towards the dining hall with a friend or two. It’s not exactly warm outside, but it isn’t cold either, […]