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Carter Harrell

This Weekend’s Saturday Programming

Carter DuPuy ‘22, This weekend’s Saturday programming was all about harmful drugs and their effects on the Woodberry community. John Hill ‘22, Jonah Marshall ’21, and Stevan Bajski ‘21 employed the help of Linda Hancock to explain the nature of “molecules”, the term coined by Ms. Hancock to […]

Loosened COVID-19 Restrictions

By Aidan Cushman ’22 Last Wednesday evening, four weeks into the school year, Dr. Hulsey announced an all-school meeting without much warning or explanation. Luckily for the community, it was an update of the school’s COVID-19 restrictions, and it was well-received. Headmaster Dr. Byron Husley ’86 announced that […]

This Past Weekend’s Saturday Programming

By Sam Stelter ’21 This past Saturday the Tigers participated in a weekly scheduled program about Difference and Diversity. This program was led by 5th Formers Charles Innes ‘22 and Lang Gibson ‘22.  Cohort leaders were asked to lead discussions about diversity inside America. The activities started at […]