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Carter Harrell

Third Form Trip to Camp Horizons

By Nate Stein ’23 On Friday, October 30th, Woodberry’s Third formers left campus for the first time in weeks. We were bused to Camp Horizons, a summer camp in Rockingham County, Virginia (about sixty miles away). When we arrived, we unloaded our bags and hiked half a mile […]

Bowling Break for the Fourth Form

Aidan Stakem ‘23 Last Saturday the fourth formers were informed that instead of wholeness programming, they would be leaving campus to go to a bowling alley. As one could imagine, they were all excited. For one, bowling, and two, leaving campus for the first time since September. As […]

“The Social Dilemma” at Woodberry

By Aidan Cushman ’22 Saturday programming this past weekend has helped enlighten the Woodberry community to the dangers of the devices in our pockets. With the first trimester beginning to wind down, students are likely spending more time inside than earlier this year, so this came at the […]

This Weekend’s Saturday Programming

Sam Stelter ’21 This Saturday the programming was a bit different than it had been in the past. It was split between the Third and Fourth formers and the Fifth and Sixth formers. The Third and Fourth formers participated in a scavenger hunt to get to know many of […]