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Carter Harrell

Move-in Day

By Nate Stein ‘24 The move-in process on Sunday, January 10th marked the beginning of a five-day period of quarantine for all Woodberry Forest students. Sunday was rather uneventful; boys arrived at their assigned move-in times, and the majority of students were back on campus by dinnertime. Dinner […]

Online Winter Classes

By Aidan Stakem ‘23 It was 10:00 am Monday, November 30 and the morning classes had just begun. The 10:00 am bell had just rung but no students were in their classrooms. Well, that’s not 100% true, they were in their zoom classes. Some students were happy to […]

Exam Week

By Carter DuPuy ’22 As the fall trimester winds down at the Forest, the students are excited to return home for the winter trimester. Already, students are hurrying to fill out their exit forms and hunkering down to study for their finals. Exams are condensed into just three […]


Aidan Cushman ‘22On Sunday morning last week, everyone was notified through the Alertus app that there would be a free day that Monday, and not long after one could hear shouts of glee announcing the oncoming free day. Collin Do ‘22 even said, “The shouts of ‘free day!’ […]