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Carter Harrell

Bonfire Returns

Nate Stein ’24On Friday night, Woodberry boys got to experience their first bonfire sincethe fall of 2019. In a normal year, current students would be joined by alumni, faculty, parents,and others. This year, however, only students and faculty were allowed to attend, masked anddistanced but nonetheless excited for […]

First Snow Day of 2021

By Nate Stein ’24 On Sunday, January 31st , Woodberry boys woke up to what would be their first “snowday” of 2021. The maintenance crews had been clearing the walkways and paved roads for acouple hours before the first students ventured outside. The temperature hovered around 31°Fahrenheit all […]

Saturday Classes Return

By Aidan Cushman ‘22 Bringing at least a week of complaining with them, Saturday classes have been brought back indefinitely. While nobody likes Saturday classes, they are necessary for the average Woodberry boy to receive the full “Woodberry experience”.  Saturday classes aren’t all bad though. They keep students […]