JV Lacrosse Ends 2023 Campaign 5-5

By Graham Roberts ’23

The 2023 JV lacrosse season has come to a close. After an up-and-down season, the JV team “grew and generated some momentum by the end of the season.” I asked the team managers how they would describe the season. They focused on how practices helped grow the team chemistry and put them at a level to win games. 

“The losing streak did not stop the JV Squad from losing faith and coming back.”

The team started to train harder and really take time in practice to get to the next level. The young squad would go on to win a couple of games before falling short against their rival, the St. Chris Saints.

The team had multiple games come down to the wire, including a 4-3 win to open up the season against STAB. Later on, they would lose to Norfolk Academy 6-8 and then 7-8. 

Fifth Former Bill Hoang talked to me about how the losses ended up helping the squad play to the next level.

He stated, “Eventually, all the training and games paid off; a winning streak was generated, and the momentum was strong.”

A strong EHS win highlighted the season. The 5-4 win against the well-trained Maroon was considered a huge win for the Tiger squad. 

Bill Hoang believed the last game against St. Chris was the best game the team had played all season. Even though they came up short by one goal in OT, the team finished on a high note in the level of lacrosse they were playing during their last minutes on the field. 

The team finished at 5-5 to end the season. With many ups and downs, the team showed dedication to improving and working hard. It was tough to recover from one or two points losses in the season, but the team was always looking to bounce back. 

Bill Hoang stated, “Nevertheless, this extraordinary JV squad played the best lacrosse all season in that final game, and effort is ultimately what matters the most.”

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