Dr. Rushton

By Lewis Rand ’23

Dr. Rushton teaches his fifth form English class. Photo courtesy of the Woodberry Forest School Photo Album.

Board game enthusiast, casual New Orleans Saints fan, and coffee enthusiast Dr. Seth Rushton joined the Woodberry faculty in 2019 as an English teacher. After attending boarding school himself, where as chance would have it, Dr. Boesen taught and coached his brother, he enrolled at Tulane where he earned his bachelors and masters degrees.

“Living in New Orleans was probably the most developmental point of my life,” said Rushton.

Arriving on campus only one year after Hurricane Katrina ravaged the bayou, Rushton spent his next five years engaged in community service around the city. After graduation, he took a year to decide what he wanted to pursue, working at a local coffee shop in New Orleans.

After that year, he returned to education, attending Claremont Graduate School. In Los Angeles County, Rushton discovered his passion for climbing.

“It was a sport I connected with pretty quickly and I climbed in California just for fun,” remarked Rushton.

Upon arriving at Woodberry, in the fall of 2019, there were no coaching positions for Rushton’s favorite sport. However, with the departure of previous climbing coaches Mr. Nolan LaVoie and Mr. Jesse Woody, he is back pursuing his passion for climbing, coaching the small close-knit squad.

Whether he is in the classroom, on the climbing wall, or on duty, Rushton is no stranger to boarding schools. Having lived in dorms most of his life he enjoys the community of students and colleagues he is constantly surrounded by.

“I have incredible friends here, it’s an adult experience unlike any other, it is almost like still being in college, because all of my friends are a five minute walk away from me,” remarked Rushton.

While Woodberry may still feel like college, Rushton notes his experience is unlike many fellow educators at other schools, who often have much more scripted curriculums. Basing his Sixth Form Course on Mr. John Amos’ Mythology Course, he is able to experiment with his curriculum to determine what is most engaging and beneficial for his students. 

When he is not teaching or coaching, Rushton enjoys watching tv, cheering on any New Orleans sports team, reading books, and playing board games.

His new favorite game is Bananagrams, a high paced version of scrabble.

“Whenever I hang out with friends I bring a copy of it with me and we will play,” said Rushton.

Whether he is teaching, coaching, or playing board games with fellow faculty members and students, Dr. Rushton is constantly involved in Woodberry’s campus and community.

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