How we Spend our Time

By Morgan Jay ’25

Recently, several of my classmates were invited to meet with a consultant about how Woodberry can improve the daily schedule. This got me thinking: How do I really spend my time each week?

So, I made a spreadsheet and kept track. Here are the results and my thoughts. 

Coming into the week, I had three hours of homework due Monday, with my history class giving the most work at one hour, and my Latin class giving the least, with under ten minutes. The average amount of homework due that Monday was thirty minutes per class, less than I would have expected. 

On Monday itself, I spent four and a half hours in class (45 minute blocks for all six classes). After class, I had a one hour and 45 minute cross country practice, which quickly led into a 45 seated meal and 45 chapel. 

I finished Monday with 90 minutes of homework (due Tuesday), mainly 55 minutes of Chemistry homework, and I wasted time for the rest of study hall. Monday totaled 10 hours of class, homework, practice, and other school-related obligations. 

Tuesday wasn’t really noteworthy; I spent three hours in class and 90 minutes at practice. I finished the day with two hours of work, mainly history, but also math and Spanish. Wednesday is my easiest day of each week, so I entered the day on cruise control.

I spent three hours in class, an hour and twenty minutes at practice, and forty minutes at seated meal. The rest of the time was spent gearing up for my hardest day of the week: Thursday. I had five hours of homework due Thursday: a US History essay that took over three hours, and some work for English, Spanish, and Math. To accomplish this, I used the two-hour nighttime study hall, as well as time after study hall (10:00 PM to 11:00 PM), and woke up early the next morning. I spent six hours physically in class, two hours at Cross Country, and 45 minutes at seated meal. All that totaled to almost 14 hours of obligations for Thursday. 

Friday and Saturday seemed to fly by, probably because I didn’t spend much time in class. A cross country meet on Friday pulled me out of class for all but ninety minutes, and because of my absence, I held a lot of work off until the following Sunday. The meet ended up taking around eight hours, and lucky for me, I returned to Woodberry with only about an hour of work due Saturday. 

Overall, the week demanded around fifty hours of work, including homework, class time, practices, etc. I would consider this week to be a pretty relaxed one, with Thursday’s homework load being the exception. I’d be interested in seeing how my time compares to other fourth formers, but also how it is similar to or different from how I spent time last year as a third former. 

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