Welcome to the Ultimate Sport

By Kodi Udochukwu ’23

Woodberry Forest’s sports have a great longstanding history and tradition. As a result, new sports at Woodberry are a complete rarity. This fall, however, Woodberry broke new ground, as Ultimate Frisbee completed its first-ever season.

 “It was really Hugh and Christian that made it happen,” Coach Charlie Wright explained

During their sophomore year, Hugh Wiley ‘23 and Christian Yarbrough ‘23 occasionally threw a couple of disks around with Mr.Wright on Grainger field. Eventually, the three came up with the idea of making their pastime a full-fledged sport. Chrisitan and Hugh found teams in Charlottesville that Woodberry could potentially play against. And after enthusiastic meetings with Woodberry sports director, Mr.Blundin, Ultimate Frisbee was set to become a fall sport.

However, Coach Wright faced a conundrum that Woodberry’s Bengal coaches sympathize with: most players on the team had never played Ultimate Frisbee as a real sport. However, it’s clear that his players were fast learners, as Coach Wright explained that the team made great progress in their passing technique and route running throughout the season. 

The Ultimate Frisbee players were able to showcase their hard work and improvement in mid-October as they traveled to Fairfax for their first tournament. The team camped out in Fairfax on a Saturday night and played the next morning. They had exhilarating wins but also endured tough losses. Griffin Warlow ‘23 describes this weekend, full of Frisbee, team-building, and camaraderie, as his favorite moment of the season.

The Ultimate Frisbee team recently ended their season, with a commendable record of 5 wins and 3 losses. 

Griffin recommends Ultimate Frisbee to boys looking for a new fall sport next year.  

 “It’s one of the teams on campus with the strongest chemistry. It’s a great workout – definitely no pushover.” Griffin said. “If it’s something you’re into – [or] even if you’re not- it can be really fun and you can make some great friends along the way.”

It’s safe to say that Woodberry Forest’s newest sport is off to a great start. 


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