The 5th Form Expedition

By Leo Kim ’24

Expedition Week is a great opportunity for students to bond with members of their class, learn different skills, and broaden their views. Unlike the other expeditions, the fifth form was given a choice for what they wanted to do for the expedition. There were eleven offerings. In “Location and Direction” with Mr. Kendall and Mr. Reid, students learned to navigate through the wilderness using maps, compasses, and sextants. Students created a SNL-style skit about math and physics and presented it to a group of elementary students in “Elementary Student Math/Science Presentation,” led by Mr. Jacobs and Ms. Kimball. Fifth formers in “Landscaping/Botanical Sketching” with Mr. Amos and Ms. Allen observed plants and learned to sketch and distinguish different plants. The “Civil War” group with Dr. Jordan and Mr. Tallman learned the history of the American Civil War. “The Long March Toward Civil Rights in Virginia” with Mr. Davis and Mr. Bullock dug deep into the American Civil Rights movement, specifically in Virginia. In “The Art of Fly Fishing” with Mr. O’Donnell and Mr. Fletcher, students learned how to fly fish. With Ms. Cope and Mr. Navitsky, students learned cooking skills in “Adulting 101.” In  “Intro to Buddhism” with Mr. Hale and Dr. Watson, we learned the history of Buddhism and how to meditate. The “Immigration” expedition with Mr. Rivera and Mr. Collier traveled to Washington, D.C. and explored the history of Latin American immigration in the United States. Students had the opportunity to go to art museums in Washington, D.C. and New York City in Mr. Cirves’ and Mr. Erickson’s “Art Museums of America.” Finally, students learned about the American Revolution with Dr. Boesen and Dr. Erb in “Living the American Revolution.” Also, during the expedition, Mr. and Mrs. Mills planned events for the students when they had free time on dorm. On Saturday, a Mexican food truck came with delicious food. On Sunday, Mr. Mills hosted karaoke night. On Monday, students competed in a game of bingo for various prizes. And on Tuesday, everyone’s favorite Kona Ice Truck came over.

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