Fall Baseball

By Troy Lupien ’25

During the fall at Woodberry, afternoon activities are mainly football, soccer, or mountain biking. Fall baseball is one of the many activities in the fall, but baseball’s main season is during the spring. Fall baseball is for those who want to train for the main season, or for upperclassmen who want to have fun on the field since there are no games. After coach Holmes retired from the position of head coach last year, the torch has been passed on to Frazier Stowers ‘04. Not only that but a first-year teacher and coach Bowen Borgeson is helping out with the team. 

After talking to JD Cavaleri ‘25, he stated that fall baseball is fun because “It allows you to learn from people who are better than you or have more experience than you.” He also says that a big ideal of the fall baseball team is “getting better every day”. 

Since the team only consists of seven athletes, each member of the team gets a good amount of attention during practices. The weekly schedule for fall baseball consists of athletic development with coach Knight on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and baseball on Tuesday and Friday. This allows the team to get stronger during the off-season while keeping their baseball skills fresh in their minds.

For the baseball program in the spring, Charlie Bell ‘23 claims that he is excited for both new additions and old members of the varsity baseball team to play a good season this year. Even though varsity baseball lost four starters last year, Charlie believes that this upcoming season is promising for the Tigers. The players on fall baseball have faith in coach Stowers as he handles his first year as head coach. In the spring, it will be up to coaches Stowers, Campbell, Borgeson, and Handelsman to lead the varsity baseball team to a great season ahead.

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