JV Soccer off to a Hot Start

By Nelson Storch ’25

When it comes to Woodberry sports in the fall, varsity football and soccer draw the attention of most of the Woodberry community. Two players on JV soccer, Jon Duquemin ’25 and Penn St. Clair ’25 offered insight on their opening to the season so far. Jon talked about their first game against Blue Ridge and Penn spoke about their second game against arch-rival EHS.

When I talked to Jon about the pregame thoughts on the game he said, “We were excited about the game because we knew that it was our game to lose since no other team has worked as hard as us.” 

I then asked about his PK save, to which he told me, “It was nothing that special to be honest. I did not do that much thanks to our great offense and even better defense.” He finished our conversation by telling me how much we need the fans at the home games. “I believe that fans need to come to the soccer games,” stated Jon. “Our varsity team is doing great things and we are too.” 

Next, I talked to Penn about their game against EHS. He talked about how badly they wanted to play EHS saying, “The thought of beating EHS had us really excited. After coming off of a great win, nothing would be a better end to the week.” 

The game plan for the tigers was simple: start off with a quick goal and keep momentum. They scored quick and added two more goals to the total, winning 3-0. Two goals came from new boy third former Frank Young, with the other coming from none other than Penn St. Clair.  The two helped the team get off to a hot start, going 2-0 in their first week of games.

Penn explained that, “It was a great team win and it was awesome to get the cheers from the fans.”

He ended the conversation the same way I am ending this article: “Go Tigers!”

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