Free Day

By Dan Chen ’24

On Sunday, May 15th, students were taking dorm photos outside their dorms when the calm afternoon suddenly erupted into a jubilant celebration. Dean Hearl, a member of the maintenance staff, drove down Residence Road on his custom Woodberry motorcycle, with its engines fully revved up and a flag reading “FREE DAY.” A stampede of students chased after the motorcycle, jumping and shouting with joy. The announcement spread like wildfire all over campus, and students were ecstatic that the free day was finally here.

Strong support of the free day was demonstrated in the past week. Numerous memes were put up by students all around campus, and they varied from template to template. Hundreds of these memes were posted, and some memes received controversial opinions, while most memes got many a good laugh. The free day came just in time for the opening day of the outdoor pool, and groups came down to the pool for some beach volleyball and fun in the water.

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