2022 JV Golf Tournament

By Dan Chen ’24

During the last week of the spring sports season, the JV golfers and Coach Hastie participated in a golf tournament. Monday was a planning and practice day, and newly promoted assistant to the JV golf coach Thomas Chapman ‘24 planned three games for the team to play: scramble, alternate ball, and best ball. On Tuesday, the players were split into teams of two based on their seed, which was according to their ranking during the season. The rules of scramble are simple: each player hits a ball from the same place, and the players select the best of the two hits for their next shot. The full list of teams and their scores can be found below.

Unfortunately, the players were unable to play the second and third games. “There was bad weather,” Thomas claims. Thus, the unofficial winners of the tournament are Wells Warke and Thomas Chapman, each having a score of 36. The JV Golf team ended the season with two “independent improvement days,” which immensely helped put the JV golfers in a calm and perceptive mindset for their future games.

Team 1: Jack Wilson and Walker Whitner, 37

Team 2: Gray Smith and Ben Stein, 38

Team 3: Wells Warke and Thomas Chapman, 36

Team 4: Taylor Blackwell and Leo Kim, 40

Team 5: McAuley Davis and Charlie Stewart, 39

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