Third Form Wholeness Programming

By Morgan Jay ’25

Last Tuesday, 3rd formers attended alternative programming about the dangerous impact social media is having on teenagers and society as a whole. Each group, consisting of nine to ten students and two teachers, watched and discussed The Social Dilemma, a 2020 documentary featuring many former tech insiders. The documentary highlights the substantial amount of data tech companies gather, and how that can potentially impact each of us. 

After we paused halfway to break for lunch, it was surprising how many people’s first instinct was to reach for their phones. For me, this response reaffirmed the message of the documentary and made me more conscious of my behavior relating to technology. Our discussion continued during a seated lunch, and at my table, most people agreed with the documentary: that social media poses a threat to society today. In the future, I definitely will think twice every time I open a social media platform, and this programming was a worthwhile experience.

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