The Reunion Weekends 2022

By Griffin Warlow ’23

The past two weekends, Woodberry Forest alumni returned to campus for their much-anticipated class reunions. Due to Covid, Woodberry has been unable to host these reunions for the past two years, so the returning classes will be looking to make up for some lost time these next few weeks. 

For the first of the two weekends, Woodberry’s most veteran alumni returned. Many of these alumni hailed from the classes of 1970-72 and 1980-82, making these their 40th or 50th reunion years respectively. The following weekend, younger alumni made their return for their 35th and 45th reunions. The alumni celebrated and caught up over a handful of class dinners. There were a number of other events that kept the alumni busy and helped them reconnect with their time as Woodberry boys. 

These events included an alumni lacrosse game, skeet shooting, and an alumni golf tournament. The turnout for all of the classes was impressive considering how turbulent the past few years have been and it was great to have so much of Tiger Nation back on campus.

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