College Counseling Trip to UNC and Duke

By Lewis Rand ’23

This Wednesday ten fifth-form students along with Mr. Bonell took a mini-bus down to Chapel Hill and Durham, North Carolina. The trip was organized by the college counseling office which has organized multiple trips to allow juniors to tour colleges near Woodberry. 

The day began at 11:30 AM in Chapel Hill. Led by Sebastian Agasino ‘21 students walked around the UNC campus seeing spots such as the library, football stadium, and Franklin Street. Students then met with Fully Bossong ‘21 and Hutch Bray ‘21 for lunch. They got to hear about their experience at UNC and their college search process. Around 1:45 PM students arrived at Duke University. They were met by Sam Long ‘21 and shown around campus. Students saw the chapel, library, classrooms, and the famous (or infamous) Cameron Indoor Stadium. Just like at UNC students heard about Sams’s college search experience and what his time at Duke had been like so far. Students then loaded back on the bus for the long trip back to the Forest. This day was a great opportunity for students to learn about UNC and Duke and also learn more about the college search process and life in college.

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