Invite Back Weekend 2022

By Robbie Brown ’24

Last Friday and Saturday, Woodberry held the first Invite Back Weekend since 2019. After a long hiatus, ninety newly admitted boys spent the night and got a chance to have a better look at Woodberry. Early Friday afternoon, the student guides met the boys and their parents and began showing them around the campus. The guests got to know their guides and many stopped to watch the games going on that afternoon. 

Later on, they went to the Barbee where they had dinner, met other accepted boys, and checked out the activity fair which displayed some of the clubs and activities at Woodberry. They then went to Bowman Gray Auditorium where they saw the Instrumental Ensembles and the Dozen perform. After this short glimpse at the music program, they were greeted by Dr. Hulsey. Then, a panel of current students shared their experiences with the parents and prospective students.

Around 8:00, the host students reconnected with their prospects for the student-faculty basketball game. The action-packed game, which current and future students alike loved, included several former college basketball faculty and a collection of seniors. The friendly match quickly got aggressive but was exciting nonetheless. Afterward, the boys enjoyed a pizza party and concluded the night by heading up to dorm and getting ready for bed.

The next morning, the boys all woke up for breakfast and headed to classes. The newly admitted boys shadowed students during their Saturday morning classes to experience the academic environment at the Forest. Afterward, they returned to the dining hall one last time for lunch and then returned to their parents. Overall, Invite-Back Weekend was a big success. Students, parents, and future students alike enjoyed the events the weekend offered.

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