The Snow Day

By Lawrence Tankard ’23

On Sunday, January 6, Woodberry was decorated with about 6 inches of snow from Snow Storm Izzy. The snow started around midmorning and continued until the evening when it turned into sleet. The grounds crew worked throughout the day to keep our pathways clear, but they weren’t the only ones out in the snow. There was a group of boys playing a game of football on Granger Field and others out sledding. I asked Sambo Bratton 23’ about how he spent his snow day and he told me that he “went out and played a game of football on Granger that was really fun and saw some guys sledding.” Sambo also told me that the snow “was a nice break in the day to get away from our homework that we had due on Monday.” Overall the snow day was a nice reminder of winter and an entertaining twist to our work-filled Sunday.

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