The Journalism Field Trip

By Griffin Warlow ’23

On Thursday the 21st, Woodberry’s Journalism class took a very interesting field trip to The Old Dominion Charity Classic Pro-Am golf tournament in Richmond, Virginia. The day was perfect and provided the boy’s multiple opportunities to explore Journalism in action, particularly in the world of Golf. 

The day began with the class, led by Mr. Geiger and Mr. Campbell, arriving at the tournament in the morning. They began the day with the class exploring the tournament and even having the opportunity to watch the legendary golfers Phil Mickelson and John Daly compete, among the rest of the field. 

Journalism Students with John Daly

Before lunchtime, the class was lucky enough to get behind the scenes and meet a number of the Golf Channel staff in their work environment. The boys got to ask questions to the producers, on-air talent, and more of the Golf Channel’s team at the tournament. They also got a look inside one of the broadcast trucks combined with a great, in-depth explanation of how a television broadcast of that scale works. 

Following the incredible look into all that goes into the production of a televised golf tournament, the class had a little more time to explore the event and get something to eat before loading back up on the buses to get back in time for practice in the afternoon.

The day was nothing short of incredible for the boys as they got to see the real world of sports journalism in a hands-on way. The professional scale of journalism they learned from was an incredible tool for the boys and helped to broaden their understanding of journalism. Stay tuned on to see what the class will be up to in the future and how they will implement what they learned in Richmond into their own work. 

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