Mr. Matthew Keating

By Joseph Stovall ’25

Mr. Keating is the Math Department chair and head of the computer science program here at Woodberry. He has been at Woodberry for twenty-two years, teaching Geometry for the past twenty-one. Mr. Keating also teaches ECLIPSE, java coding, and has taught Pre-Calc in the past. Mr. Keating grew up in a small town called Durham, Connecticut. He earned his undergraduate at the University of Connecticut and received his master’s degree from Columbia Teachers College at Columbia University. Before coming to Woodberry, Mr. Keating taught math and was the director of technology for St. Thomas Choir School in Manhattan, New York. Like Woodberry, St. Thomas is an all-boys boarding school and their first website was created by Mr. Keating in 1998. Mr. Keating came to Woodberry as a summer school intern in 1994 after a friend from the University of Connecticut gave him a slip off an internship board. 

Mr. Keating and his wife live on campus with their dog, Ferrous, who is a half lab half mastiff mix. Mr. and Mrs. Keating have three daughters, with their oldest daughter being a sophomore at Quinnipiac University and their two younger daughters attending Chatham Hall. 
For Mr. Keating, his favorite part of Woodberry is the structure that allows for young men to grow. To Mr. Keating, whoever comes to Woodberry and wants to listen and get better can excel at Woodberry and after they graduate. He also loves how the structure allows boys to show their true selves and anyone can pursue something of interest to themselves. Something he wishes could change about Woodberry is the percentage of students who trust the faculty members, because they are here to help you grow and not just give demerits for the little things. If Mr. Keating gives you demerits for being late to a class of his, it would be because he wants you to create good habits, and he hopes that you will create the habit of being punctual for your future classes and agreements.

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