The Newest Woodberry Club: The Global Issues Discussion

By Kiefer Adams ’23

The Global Issues Discussion Club is a place that allows students to explore important topics that otherwise might be ignored in the confines of Woodberry.

The club was founded in the spring of 2021 after Aiden Moon, a current fifth former, approached his roommate Lewis Rand with the idea of starting a club about global events. Their first meeting was on September 23, 2021, where Lewis presented on “space tourism” and what that means for younger generations.

The purpose of the club is to introduce students to a variety of ideas and conflicts that are taking place all over the world and allow them to discuss and form their own opinions. This is especially important in a place like Woodberry.

“[We were] interested in …  global issues and bringing awareness to them on campus because I feel like there isn’t a ton just because Woodberry’s kind of in its own little bubble,” Lewis said when asked about the importance of such a club.

One way that Aiden and Lewis want to bring awareness to campus is by having other students share their interests with the club. This will give a diverse range of topics and opinions for the audience to discuss.

These discussions take place after a 10 minute presentation and usually last for 20 minutes. They are moderated by Lewis and Aiden, but the direction of the conversation is controlled by the audience.

The goal of this moderation is to encourage students to speak up about their opinions without the fear of being shouted down. This will help keep the environment friendly, especially because of the controversial topics that will be discussed.

Aside from the interesting topics, Lewis believes that it is also a good place for students to meet new people.

“Getting to know someone through that, that you might not know as well,” Lewis explained.

He attributed this to the different opinions that students can learn from each other and connect through.

The Global Issues Discussion Club will discuss cryptocurrency at its next meeting, and the discussion will be led by Aiden Moon.

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