Bengal Soccer’s “Rollercoaster” Start

By Davis Hathaway ’23

The start to the Bengal Soccer season has been a rollercoaster so far, but the players and team are improving every day. The Bengal Soccer team, coached by Mr. Robert Kendall and Mr. Eddy Benton, has started the season off 0-4 with a rough loss to Saint Anne’s-Belfield and three close losses to Episcopal and Collegiate twice. 

Manager Colin Nicoletti ‘23 said the team needed to work on maintaining its shape. 

“One thing I really like to work on is spacing and knowing where to be on the field. I really think they can do better on that and [also] passing and getting through balls.” 

Even with the adversity, this season has brought the players still have a positive outlook on the team and direction of the season.

“[The season] is going great. We’re currently 0-4 but that is because we’ve played against juniors, sophomores, and JV teams. I’m feeling pretty confident [about this season in general],” third former Graham Lanuti ‘25 said.

This positive outlook from numerous players has helped the team grow together and individually. 

“We’ve grown a lot as a team, especially with passing. Me, personally, I’ve definitely improved on my shooting,” Lanuti said. 

The Bengal Soccer team has lots of room for improvement, however, their upbeat attitude and willingness to learn should help them reach their full potential in no time. They still have four games left in the season, so there is lots of time for a turnaround. Regardless of if it happens or not, the coaches know the season will be a success.

“[It’s important] To see them grow, get better at the sport, and unite. It’s been a great experience,” Nicoletti said when asked how being a manager had been so far. 

The Tigers are back in action this Tuesday with Potomac School at home. They look forward to showcasing their continued improvement and trying to get in the win column for the first time this season.

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