5th and 6th Form Parents Weekend Recap

By Lewis Rand ’23

Fifth and Sixth form parents weekend began on Friday, October 9th, at noon with parent registration and parent meeting with their son’s advisors. That afternoon Varsity Football played (and beat) Collegiate and both Varsity and JV soccer played Norfolk Academy. Next to the game was a tailgate and that evening there were performances in Bowman Gray auditorium. To cap off the evening parents attended a mini-schedule, mimicking their son’s academic schedule on Monday.

Saturday morning began with parent-teacher meetings and a parent breakfast at The Residence. Later that morning parents attended meetings on topics ranging from study abroad programs to college counseling.

That afternoon the cross country team competed in the Albemarle Invitational and Bengal Soccer played Mercersburg. Many students spent Saturday evening and Sunday morning with their parents before returning to campus before study hall, Sunday night. Mathew Williams ‘23 enjoyed “being able to reunite with his friends’ families.” Overall, fifth and sixth form parents weekend provided students with a great opportunity to enjoy a weekend with their families.

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