The Fifth Form Expedition Recap

By Davis Hathaway ’23

A few weeks ago, the 5th formers found out what groups they would be in for a four-day expedition. There were ten groups, all serving different purposes. Dr. Boesen and Dr. Erb’s group, The Revolutionary War, enjoyed going to (and learning about) historical sites related to The American Revolution. 

When asked why he chose to go on The Revolutionary War expedition, 5th former Isaac James ‘23 said, “I picked the expedition because I wanted to get to know teachers who I wouldn’t have been able to take a class with otherwise.”

This small group of eleven 5th formers first traveled to Mount Vernon, where they visited the home of George Washington and saw his grave. They then visited Colonial Williamsburg, where they spent an afternoon touring historical sites at the former capital of Virginia. The students saw the Colonial Williamsburg Courthouse, the Governor’s Palace, the Capitol Building, and many other significant sites. The day after, they visited Montpelier and Monticello, the houses of James Madison and Thomas Jefferson, to learn about their lives and their role in founding the nation. 

When asked about what he enjoyed most about the expedition, Isaac James ‘23 said, “The teachers on my expedition broadened my horizons in regards to how I view and approach history. They mainly did this by demonstrating that it is just as beneficial to learn from experience as it is to learn from a book.”

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