First Snow Day of 2021

By Nate Stein ’24

On Sunday, January 31st , Woodberry boys woke up to what would be their first “snow
day” of 2021. The maintenance crews had been clearing the walkways and paved roads for a
couple hours before the first students ventured outside. The temperature hovered around 31°
Fahrenheit all morning, just cold enough for the snow to stick but not too cold for the students to
spend time outside. Sleds were even offered for boys to borrow, and many went sledding on
various different slopes around campus—Lummis Lawn was probably the most popular spot. By
the time brunch opened, many boys had been outside at least once, and multiple snowball fights
had already ensued on the lawn in front of the freshmen dorms. Later on in the day,
upperclassmen and freshmen all gathered to chase each other around, throw snowballs, and
more. Being a Sunday, students didn’t have any classes and were free to spend as much time as
they wanted outside. Due to the new Covid-19 cases and exposures, chapel was cancelled, and
Dr. Hulsey sent an email to the parents and student body about changes to life on campus.
Classes will be over zoom until Wednesday, and athletics will look a little bit different in the
coming weeks. Though these precautions may be less than ideal, they are being put in place to
run less of a risk of students being sent home. Overall, the first snow day of 2021 was really fun
for everyone, and it was good to get outside a little bit before a few days of online classes.

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