Kitchen Review – Brenda Mills

Nate Stein

Brenda Mills has been working at Woodberry Forest School for four years now and she is one of the main bakers on the kitchen staff. Before coming to work at Woodberry, she was an in-home caregiver.

Her job starts pretty early in the morning. Every day, Brenda and the other bakers make pastries for breakfast as well as desserts to go with lunch and dinner.

She, like many of the other kitchen staff, lives off campus.

Brenda Mills said that the biggest change she saw to the day-to-day responsibilities of the dining hall staff was the increase in prepackaged food, along with the other general Covid-19 restrictions.

Her favorite thing about Woodberry is the tight-knit community and “the friendships that are built here.”

She added that she wouldn’t really change anything about Woodberry.

The kitchen staff do a lot for the students here and they all work very hard to make sure we have quality meals every day. There is a lot of work put in by the dining hall staff that the students don’t see, and it’s important to recognize and appreciate everything they do for us, including the baking, cleaning, and serving.

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