Winter Isolation was Better than Fall Quarantine

By Gia Khanh Do ’21

The five day quarantine period was not as bad as the one we had during the Fall Trimester. During the day, we attended online Zoom classes as usual. The class periods were spread out throughout the day to make sure we had something to do, with the latest ending at 6pm. At 12pm and 3pm, we were allowed to have outside time. Odd room numbers were allowed to go outside first, while the even room numbers stayed in for lunch or shower. Each group had 45 minutes of free time. During these outside times, I took runs to the Old Bridge to clear my head. Students were allowed to play basketball, and the seniors were allowed to use their senior privilege if underclassmen were playing. Food was delivered to us in-room by faculty members and volunteer alumni, Chris Rex’17, Nick Reeder’20, Max Bozymski’17, and Claiborne Van Voorhis’20. 

I am glad that this quarantine isolation period is over. It was nice to have food delivered to us, but spending all this time inside my room made me feel trapped. In a way, I felt like my mind was imprisoned. I couldn’t focus well during Zoom classes and I got really bored some of the time. Sam Stelter’21 had a similar opinion as me: “I thought that my days never had a real ending to them, but overall it was not as bad as I thought.”

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