Zoom Fail

By Sam Thomas ’21

It was an early morning, 10:00 o’clock. I looked across my Zoom and saw the usual arrangement of collared shirts, t-shirts, and hoodies with no shirts underneath. It was just another day, a normal conversation. People zoned out or pulled up something else on their computers. Everyone else squirmed around in their chairs hoping for the class would end. The short forty-five minutes felt like two hours. Until someone stood up. I wish everyone had been in Speaker view. For those in Gallery view saw the unspeakable. Suddenly a whirlpool of the same message entered the chat: “Turn off your camera.” Now everyone was looking, but he didn’t know. He stood there wearing the same pants he wore when he came into the world. The teacher thought quickly and ended the Zoom. But the students will never forget. So all you boys listening out there, remember this tale. Put on pants in the morning or double-check the bottom left square.

Categories: Humor