This Weekend’s Saturday Programming

Carter DuPuy ‘22,

This weekend’s Saturday programming was all about harmful drugs and their effects on the Woodberry community. John Hill ‘22, Jonah Marshall ’21, and Stevan Bajski ‘21 employed the help of Linda Hancock to explain the nature of “molecules”, the term coined by Ms. Hancock to discuss addictive things in such a way as to avoid causing triggering relapse in recovering addicts. 

The morning began with a Zoom call, where Ms. Hancock began a slide show and a series of anonymous polls to explain the harmful effects of these molecules but also to demonstrate how infrequently they actually occur at Woodberry. This section concluded with a snack break of donuts and the latter half of the programming began. 

The remaining 45 minutes of the program became a discussion between the cohorts without any faculty member present. The experience as a whole was very interesting and the student body got a lot out of it.

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