Bachelor of the Week

by Gia Khanh Do ’21

Ian Trainor, or “Grandpa”, from McLean, VA is our first Bachelor of the Week! Not only does he have a big heart, but he also has Adam Sandler’s mentality and humor. During your stroll around campus, you might see him hanging out at the Fir Tree, on Hanes hall or the golf course. Some  say he is better than Benny Haggin at golf, which is why he is currently doing Senior Golf. He played JV Basketball during his sophomore year and is currently a free agent for the Average Joes. Teams better act fast because this kind of player won’t be free for long. When asked for a tip for getting the ladies, Ian replied with “Don’t be an F#%! boy.” “It’s an honor to be Woodberry’s Bachelor of the Week,” he said, “I remember Tommy Kane being one. Being in the same category as him is humbling.”

Categories: Humor