The Good Part of Quarantine

By Sam Thomas ’21

We had a great first weekend here at Woodberry. It was full of activities like laser tag and smores. Although, I think the seniors had the best activity of all. They got to use their commons room. Unless of course, they weren’t in the right cohort. 

The food has been amazing, even though the lunch line is so long. I show up at the start of my lunch period, and by the time I get my food, it’s halfway through my history class. They call it a grab n’ go, but it’s just a go n’ wait. Oh, but this way limits are interaction with people outside of our cohort. We don’t sit down near other people to eat. Instead, we stand next to them. 

That’s all okay though, we can finally hang out with other cohorts. You know, it’s been so long since I’ve been able to see people outside of my cohort, except for all my classes. I mean, I can finally hang out with my friends. It’s been so annoying not being able to talk with anyone outside of my cohort. Do you know how hard it is to ignore the person sitting next to you for an hour and a half? They’re all like: “How was your day,” and “stop ignoring me.” Now I can finally respond. Oh, wait a minute. I read that wrong. I have to be outside and socially distanced. 

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