Woodberry Sees Changes to Athletics

By Johnny Russell ’22

To keep the Woodberry community as safe and healthy as possible during these strange and difficult times, Woodberry has implemented a new athletics plan for the first two weeks of school.

Just like at meals or on dorm, Woodberry boys are required to remain in their cohort, a small to medium-sized group of students that live together on the same hall, during the athletics period. They practice social distancing and are required to wear masks if they are in close proximity.

Each day after school, a cohort may find themselves at Hanes Feld, the Barbee Center, or Johnson Stadium, for about an hour of exercise. For the duration of the time period, each cohort moves through three stations, which happen to vary in athletic skill every day, and generally last about 20 minutes. Some stations are focused on speed and agility, while others may provide a core workout. Some give students the chance to get in the weight room or learn how to bench press.

Although these workouts take place amid the scorching summer heat, the goal of these workouts is not to exhaust the boys. Rather, the Athletic Department designed these afternoon periods to ease boys back into sports, after such a long period without athletics. By following these exercise plans, Woodberry Students will be able to jump right into sports once they begin, without worrying about pulling a muscle following five months of inactivity. 

Though the workouts have been beneficial for students, there is a small concern that the time period allotted does not allow for a productive workout. However, assistant football coach and academic advisor Mr. Scotty Braswell does not agree.

“We’ve got guys coming in here to lift that have spent hours and hours in the weight room, and we’ve got some guys that aren’t familiar with lifting at all. That being said, I definitely think that the length of the time that we are in here lifting allows me to accommodate both experience levels.”

Among the student body, many boys have enjoyed the first week of athletics, including sixth-former Hutson Collins.

“Woodberry is all about the brotherhood, and I think getting outside everyday building camaraderie with your cohort is a perfect example of that.   I have had a lot of fun making new friendships with the guys on my hall.”

If all goes according to plan, boys are most likely to transition to their sport of choice by next week. Although nearly every student is eager to put on the pads, strap on the shin guards, or run on the scenic trails, the memories made during these two weeks will not be forgotten. Sixth-former Fully Bossong notes that he will always remember the fun he had doing crunches and oblique touches with history teacher and assistant soccer coach Mr. Ty Adams.

As boys look ahead to their fall sport, hopefully, these workouts provide them with the skills needed to perform well athletically and safely without any injuries.

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