Mr. Will Hastie

By Carter Harrell ‘22

Mr. Will Hastie is the newest member of the Foreign Language Department at the Forest. Originally from Massachusetts, he is a French teacher who covers French 1 all the way up to Honors French 5. This Winter, he will be the stage manager for the musical, directed by Mr. Blain. In the Spring, he will be the assistant coach for the Varsity Golf team.

Golf is a very important part of Mr. Hastie’s life. The first time he ever picked up a golf club was when his grandfather had given him some plastic ones when he was very young. When he was twelve, he played his first round of golf with his uncle, father, and brother. In high school, he played for the varsity golf team and went to the state finals.

He loves the escape that golf gives him. Away from everything, Mr. Hastie gets his best ideas while on the golf course or on long walks. His favorite spots on campus are the 3rd tee box, the 8th tee box, and his apartment in the Dick Gym, where you may catch him watching one of his favorite movies: Pulp Fiction, Big Fish, and Die Hard. Because of Mr. Hastie’s New England origins, he is a Patriots fan and saw Tom Brady play in 2001.

When Mr. Hastie visited the Forest last year, he was instantly overwhelmed with a positive feeling as he came in for the interview and was very excited when Mr. Rivera gave him a call about his job. He loves to teach. As he became more engrossed with French in school, he found himself teaching his classmates. He never had the intention of becoming a teacher, but he thinks that he is in a good spot here. He enjoys every aspect of his new job, including the smaller class sizes, the comradery with his fellow teachers, and the sense of community.

“In any given week, you run the gamut of all human emotions, because you experience everything as a community, both the good things and the bad things,” he said. “It is a really rich life experience to be here.”

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