Faculty Dog Power Rankings, No. 4: Stanley

Full Name: Stanley James Mills
Date of Birth (or Adoption): December 13, 2016 (fun fact: same as Taylor Swift)
Breed: Golden Retriever
Favorite Chew Toy: Any toy that is brand new or not his
Biggest Fear: Vacuums and riding in the car
Best Doggo Friend(s): Tucker, Edgar, Julian, Chipper
Dog Nemesis: Farm Dog
Special Traits: Greets everybody, except Ms. Mills, like he has not seen them in three years, vomits in 90+ minute car rides, typically a strong swimmer (though had to be rescued from the Rapidan last year by Rainey O’Malley ’20)
Favorite Human Food: Cottage Cheese, Puppuccinos, and Popcorn

Categories: Humor